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Crop Tool in Photoshop

How to Crop Images in Photoshop

Cropping – For Crop images in Photoshop, we use the Crop Tool, which can be selected from the Toolbar or you can also select the Crop Tool just by pressing the letter C (for “Crop”) on your keyboard.

To crop photo with the Crop tool, please follow below instructions:

Step 1. Choose the Crop tool Crop Tool from the Tool Bar or press C. Crop borders display on the edges of the photo.

Step 2. Bring the cursor & draw a new cropping area or drag the corner & edge handles to specify the crop boundaries in your image.

Step 3. Moving the cursor diagonally, keep the left mouse button squeezed.

Selecting an Area to Crop

Step 4. Release the left mouse button. A box will show up finished the picture with marked corners, demonstrating the area that will be preserved. We can also move, resize & rotate this box

  • To move the crop box move the cursor totally inside the selected zone, press the left mouse button, and keeping in mind that keeping the left mouse button pressed, drag the box.
Moving the Crop Box
      • To change the size of the selected area move the cursor to one of the corner markers, press the left mouse button & drag the marker. If the cursor is dragged while pressing Shift, the measure of the box will be changed relatively.
Changing the Size of the Crop Selection Box
      • To turn the crop box move the cursor to one of the corner markers and drag the cursor.
Rotating the Crop Selection Box
  • Now Press Enter or press the Apply button in the Options Panel to edit the image.To close the crop box without cropping the picture press Esc or press the   button in the Options Panel.

To crop a picture with the Crop command from the Photoshop menu, follow below steps:

  • Step 1. Choose the Rectangular Marquee tool from the Tool Panel.
  • Step 2. Select a rectangular area on the image Selection Tools in Adobe Photoshop.
  • Step 3. Choose Crop from the Image menu.

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