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How to Prevent Hair Color Change

Keeping your coloured hair trying vivacious & stunning could be a real struggle. most ladies World Health Organization dye her hair see its life &gloss fade out a& that’s a true bummer

I mean, what’s the purpose of obtaining your hair treated if its simplyplanning to lose all its luster during a few weeks?

Thankfully, the Born Realist team has been arduous at work attempting to work out why this happens, however most significantly a way to forestall it!

1) .  Have your hairdresser use only Quality Products and Dye in your hair:

Getting your hair colored is an upscale procedure! thus, most ladies like hair stylists UN agency supply low-cost discounts.

However, the cut-down costs these parlors supply ar actually because they use cheap product that, don’t seem to be simplyharmfulto your hair color, however lead it to lose its luster quicker then it ought to.

Make sure to use a high-quality product in your hair, it’ll keep your hair wanting pretty! 


2) . Red hair dye will fade the fastest:

Red hair coloring has the biggest molecules and therefore, it’s tougher for the dye to dissipate into your hair. this is often why it gets washed away quicker.

While obtaining a red hair treatment, ensure to use high-quality merchandise and provides it a heavier hue then you would like thus it settles into the colour you wish over some weeks and lasts longer. 

3) . Hold back on the Shampooing:

Don’t shampoo your colored hair every day. In fact, it is recommended that you should only shampoo thrice every week. Pick alternative days and be gentle as you wash your hair. Make sure to use color-friendly hair shampoo.

This will help maintain the oils that keep your hair looking glossy and will help retain the color.

4) . Hold back on Shampooing for at-least 48 hours after you color/toner your hair:

After you color your hair, don’t wash it for a minimum of 2 days.  This will allow the dye to soak into your hair and will enable it to last longer. This is actually good when it comes to getting your hair trimmed according to new trends.


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