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Rectangular Marquee Tool in Photoshop

Rectangular Marquee Tool: The Rectangular marquee & Elliptical marquee tools are hidden in the Toolbox under one & the same icon. The icon on the Toolbox displays the last tool used. To open the floating menu right-click on the arrow in the lower right corner of the displayed icon.

The Rectangular marquee and Elliptical marquee tools
    • Rectangular marquee

This tool selects rectangular & square areas.

To select a rectangular area you should:

Step 1. Clicking on the icon The Rectangular marquee tool, to activate the Rectangular marquee tool or (if the Rectangular marquee was not the last tool applied) select it from the floating window.

Step 2. Bring the mouse cursor to the point of the image where the corner of an imaginary rectangle should be, & press left mouse button.

Step 3. Keeping the left button pressed, move the cursor diagonally to the opposite corner & release that button.

To select a square area of the image make a selection keeping the Shift key pressed. Take into account that if you already have a selected area the new selection will be added to the previous one. To avoid it you should press the Shift key only when you start selecting a new area.

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