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Selection Tools in Photoshop

Photoshop offers us bunches of selection tools & each tool is designed for a particular task. Basic tools, similar to the Rectangular Marquee & the Elliptical Marquee Tool, are ideal for choosing basic shapes. Lasso Tool, Polygonal Lasso Tool & Magnetic Lasso Tool are freehand choices. Magic Wand & Color Range is awesome for choosing areas based on color.

In this Tutorial, we’ve rounded up all of our selection tools & composed them in the best way to learn, so you can bite by bit develop your selection making skills and get up to speed with Selection tools rapidly.

Rectangular Marquee Tool: Being able to select objects or areas in a photo is one of the most important Photoshop skills you need, but not all selections need to be complex or time-consuming. The Rectangular Marquee Tool, one of Photoshop’s basic selection tools, is perfect for making selections based on simple geometric shapes. 

Elliptical Marquee Tool: The Elliptical Marquee tool is for curved, round selections. You can undoubtedly choose objects, for example, clock, balls, and full moons by using this tool. If you already know to use the Rectangular Marquee Tool so, the Elliptical Marquee Tool as being the same thing, just with extremely rounded corners.

Lasso Tool: As we know Rectangular Marquee Tool is perfect for draw selections based on rectangular or square shapes & Elliptical Marquee Tool allow us our making abilities into the exciting world of ovals & circles. Lasso tool is used for that selection were no pre-defined shape. It gives you more freedom in shapes you want to select. It is easiest to use & understand because you simply drag a freehand selection around the area you want to select.

Polygonal Lasso Tool: The Polygonal Lasso Tool makes polygonal selections, it allows us to easily select an object with a straight and flat surface with just click of a mouse!

Magnetic Lasso Tool: The Magnetic Lasso Tool makes selections, automatically clinging to edges of contrast image. It works by analyzing the colors of the pixels between the elements in the foreground and the elements in the background. Magnetic Lasso tool is especially useful for quickly selecting objects with complex edges set against high-contrast backgrounds.

Magic Wand Tool: Magic Wand tool is one of the oldest tool in photoshop. It selects pixel based on tone & color. It’s extremely easy to use, but a little harder to predict what selection results it will present. Many people get frustrated with the Magic Wand tool as it can sometimes seem like it’s impossible to control which pixels the tool selects.

Quick Selection Tool: You can use the Quick Selection tool to “paint” a selection using a round brush tip. If the area you want to select has well-defined borders, instead of using a lasso tool, try using the Quick Selection tool. This tool is similar to Magic Wand but it goes far beyond the magic wand limited abilities by also looking for similar textures in the image, which makes it great at detecting the edges of objects. the Quick Selection Tool works more like a brush, allowing us to select areas simply by “painting” over them!

Pen Tool: For anybody getting started with Photoshop, the pen tool can appear to be extremely scary. This is because most clients feel a pen tool, similar to a normal pen, should draw lines in Photoshop as you drag it over the canvas. yes, the pen tool can do that, but in an unexpected way.

Still using Lasso Tool to choose everything that isn’t a rectangle, square or circle? It’s a great opportunity to take your selection to an unheard of a level! Figure out how to outline objects with paths using the Pen Tool, and afterward how to effectively change those paths into proficient quality selections!


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